Income and Socio-Economic Class Inequalities

  1. Looking Through a Class Culture Lens: Online training kit to engage in Socio-economic Class Activism and Understanding Culture through a Class Lens.
  2. Berkeley ranks as most expensive college town in US, according to
  3. Stages of Anti-Poverty and Anti-Classist Consciousness.
  4. Robert Reich and Joseph Stiglitz on income inequality and what to do about it.
  5. Emmanuel Saez on income and wealth inequality.

Black Lives Matter

  1. Black Lives Matter (History and Current News).
  2. "Black Lives Matter on campus too."
  3. "NYU Professor Discusses Black Lives Matter, Mizzou."

Tech and Digital Diversity

  1. UC Berkeley tackles issues facing women in tech
  2. Addressing Equity and Inclusion Efforts Around Gender and Race in STEM (UC Berkeley, Catalysts for Change)
  3. Workplace Diversity and Silicon Valley
  4. "The Next Wave of Diversity Disclosure in Silicon Valley"
  5. "The Dark Side of Silicon Valley’s Diversity Targets"
  6. San Francsico Tech Inclusion Conference 2015
  7. The 2 Percent Problem and What I'm Doing About It

UC Berkeley Global Campus in Richmond, CA

  1. UC Berkeley Global Campus.
  2. New Report: An “Opportunity Model” for Developing the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay.
  3. Richmond Community and Concerns for Gentrification from UC Berkeley Global Campus.
  4. Prioritizing Job Opportunities for Richmond Residents and the UC Berkeley Global Campus.

Disability and Bias

  1. Ableism 101.
  2. American Disabilities Act and UC Berkeley.
  3. Acclaimed Professor and Disability Studies Expert to Join Berkeley Faculty as Endowed Chair of Equity and Inclusion

Unconscious Bias

  1. [Video] Othering and Belonging with Joanna Macy, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, and John Powell.
  2. [Video] The Mechanisms of Othering.
  3. 'Blind analysis' could reduce bias in social science research.
  4. "The Science of Equality: Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat in Education and Health Care."
  5. Project Implicit (Self-Assessment Test for Implicit Attitudes).

Native Americans and Pacific Islanders

Updates to come

Underground Scholars

  1. What is Underground Scholars?
  2. "Formerly incarcerated student reflects on activism and academia."
  3. "Members of Underground Scholars Initiative Discuss Mass Incarceration."
  4. "Danny Murillo - He Started College in Solitary Confinement."