Let's Talk: Engaging in Cross-Cultural Communication

This workshop engages participants in conversations regarding “what gets in the way” when communicating across difference. This workshop reviews interactive communication theory and U.S. domestic dynamics of Human Diversity. Participants will work with each other in discussing and applying this information in varied situations.

The outcomes of the workshop are:

  • To increase awareness of personal communication styles
  • To increase awareness of diversity and the complexity of communication styles
  • To increase understanding of conflict born of miscommunication
  • Learn and practice skills that contribute to more effective cross-cultural communication

All of the MEP workshops, including this "Let's Talk" workshop, use experiential learning techniques. The workshop features small and large group interactions and discussions.  Further, the workshop uses activities that provide a common experience for the group, and provide ideas for use in everyday work in a diverse environment like UC Berkeley. Resources are also discussed, so participants can connect with other offices and opportunities at UC Berkeley. The workshop is approximately two hours in length. 

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