For Internal Organizations

Thank you for your interest in the Multicultural Education Program and  your request for MEP workshops and/or consulting. We are dedicated to helping your unit or department meet UC Berkeley’s equity and inclusion goals. We are a passionate but small unit with a limited amount of human resources. In addition to the MEP Director, we rely on an excellent group of trained volunteer facilitators to fulfill our training requests.

For External Organizations

Thank you for your interest in the Multicultural Education Program at UC Berkeley. Although our primary mission is to support units on the UC Berkeley campus, we sometimes have availability to provide workshops and/or consulting services to outside organizations and institutions as well. Please complete the request form so that we have preliminary information to assist us in responding to your inquiry. We rely on a group of trained campus volunteer facilitators to fulfill training requests, and therefore will require at least two months lead time to deliver training. Depending on the nature of the request, consulting services may be provided sooner. We appreciate your understanding of times when our schedule is booked with campus-based projects. 
COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to capacity issues, we are not currently able to work with external organizations during the COVID pandemic. 

General Guidelines for All

To provide you with the best experience possible, please provide us with some information that will help us assess your needs.

Before you submit your request, please review:

  • The general purpose of the MEP consulting services are to assist campus and community members with training and consultation related to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • If you are not sure if you would like a consultation or a specific workshop, go ahead and fill out the request form and provide as much information as possible about your group or situation.
  • Workshops/presentations/facilitated experiences seek to create interactive space to engage in discussions about campus climate, group interactions, multicultural issues, diversity, communicating across differences, and social identity, among other topics. (For Internal Organizations: If your organization is seeking mediation of a current conflict, the Student Ombuds Office, the Staff Ombuds Office and the Restorative Justice Center are great resources).
  • Please keep in mind that we typically need to receive workshop requests at least 2 months in advance from the intended workshop date. If you would like a custom workshop, please note that additional time will be required for development.
  • MEP charges a modest fee to campus units for workshop sessions. Please contact us for pricing information. 
  • External organizations: please contact us for our public fee schedule.  

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