Creating Inclusive Classrooms

This workshop engages faculty, GSIs, and/or academic departments in a discussion regarding how we can take steps to make classroom instruction more active and inclusive - particularly when engaging with issues of human diversity. The outcomes of the workshop are:

  • To reveal climate issues
  • To examine the costs and benefits of responding to dynamics in the classroom
  • To identify resources available to faculty

The workshop is approximately two hours, depending on the dynamics within the group.

Schedule this workshop for your department or group.

Please note: If you intend to enroll as an individual, you must enroll / sign up for it as opposed to merely arriving to it on the advertised date & location. Doing so allows MEP to manage enrollment and contact enrollees should the workshop be cancelled or any changes in the time or location of the workshop.

First Take / Second Look: Exploring Unconscious Bias

This workshop engages participants in discussions regarding our behaviors that might be problematic for others, as well as what to do about situations where we may be on the receiving end of biased behavior.

The outcomes of the workshop are:

  • To understand what Unconscious Bias is
  • To reveal the impacts and consequences of Unconscious Bias
  • To review how Unconscious Bias happens here on campus
  • To be able to take actions in response to Unconscious Bias

All of the MEP workshops, including the First Take/Second Look workshop, use experiential learning techniques. The workshop features small and large group interactions and discussions. Further, the workshop uses activities that provide a common experience for the group, and provide ideas for use in everyday work in a diverse environment like Cal. Resources are also discussed, so participants can connect with other offices and opportunities at Cal. The workshops are approximately two hours in length.

Schedule a workshop for your department or group

All MEP workshop locations are wheelchair-accessable, and requests for communications, mobility access, can be submitted by visiting DSP Campus Access.